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Insulating your basement is beneficial for your home in many ways. Basements are known as breeding grounds for dampness and moisture, but with proper insulation, your basement can be a dry, cozy space in your home.

Whether you plan to use your basement for storage or as an additional living space, you definitely don’t want excess water and moisture in this area. Moisture and humidity can wreak havoc not only on your home’s structure but on your furniture and personal belongings as well. A properly insulated basement can help make your basement a safe place for storing belongings, creating a man cave, or housing your out-of-town guests.

Not only does insulation help keep your basement dry, but it also helps to cut down on energy costs for heating and cooling your home. An insulated basement helps to regulate your home’s temperature so that it’s less susceptible to temperature swings due to extreme weather.

An insulated basement also helps to protect against unwanted visitors in your home like insects, mold, and rodents. Basements can be breeding grounds for these issues, not only because of their proximity to the ground, but also because of the moisture often found in basements. With insulation, you can greatly reduce the risk of finding one of these nuisances in your home.

For more information about the benefits of insulation in your basement, visit energy.gov.

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