At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we want you to feel safe and sound in your home at all times. Many times, people don’t realize that their gutters are damaged. Depending on where you live, you may notice debris clogged in your gutters – yes, even with gutter guards! Knowing how to prevent gutter damage during any season can be a major asset to you as a homeowner. 

So what happens when your gutters aren’t draining properly? Clogged gutters is a very common problem. When gutters become clogged, they can’t drain properly and can start to overflow during rainstorms. When the water can’t pass through properly, it can start to cause problems with your foundation. That’s why it’s so important to keep your gutters clean– you want the water to be able to flow through easily.

To keep them free of debris, stick to a twice a year maintenance program. This might vary depending on the climate you live in, but usually, it’s a good idea to clear them out in late fall after most of the leaves have fallen, and in spring (in March or April) to make sure they’re clear for those April showers.

If you feel like you’re dealing with an extra amount of debris, you can also look at installing gutter covers. However, these can be pretty expensive, and still require some maintenance. (And we can help with that!)

If you let your gutters clog up with debris like leaves, twigs, and standing water, overflowing water isn’t the only problem you’ll face. The weight from this debris can also cause gutters to sag. This is usually caused by loose hangers (the hardware that secures the gutters to the house), which pull out when they can’t hold the extra weight. You can often fix this by simply tightening the screws again, but it could also be caused by the hangers being spaced too far apart. In this case, you’ll need to install new ones, ensuring that they’re close enough together.

Some homes just don’t have any gutters at all, which can cause all sorts of problems. It’s important to have a proper system in place to help prevent damage to your siding and foundation during rainstorms. If you need new gutters, it’s best to get them professionally installed. Doing so will help you avoid most of the common problems we discussed above. As for the type of gutters to choose, aluminum is a great choice. If you maintain them properly, they can last forever.

At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we’re always happy to inspect, maintain, clean, and/or repair your gutters for you. We’re a leader in the insulation and home performance industries. Serving customers throughout North Carolina, from Greensboro, Burlington, Elon and Mebane to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, we can help with all your insulation and gutter needs. For all your insulation and gutter needs – in winter or otherwise – contact Alamance Insulation and Gutters today. We’d love to help!