Did you know your home’s insulation can go bad? Over time, insulation can stop protecting you and your home from the heat and dirt and allergens. This is particularly true for older homes like the ones we have in the Piedmont Triad area. Here are some handy facts about the most common types of insulation in a home. At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we’re here to help you with all your insulation needs. We service many areas in North Carolina, including but not limited to Burlington, Greensboro, Elon, Mebane, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh.

Types of Insulation 

There are four types of insulation you can choose for your home. 

  1. Loose-Fill and Blow-In: Typically made with recycled materials such as fiberglass, rockwool, or cellulose, this kind of insulation is easiest to install because it’s blown in using a hose. Loose-fill and Blow-in is great for hard to reach areas such as attics and basements with small nooks and crannies. For more information about this kind of insulation, see the Department of Energy’s recommended specifications here.
  2. Blanket Insulation: This one sounds like it is. Blanket insulation comes in massive rolls that can be trimmed to fit into various spaces. This is great for absorbing heat and keeping your home cool in the hot summer months. Unlike loose-fill and blow-in insulation, blanket insulation (also called batt and roll) sometimes comes with a kraft paper, vinyl or foil facing that acts as an added air barrier.
  3. Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barriers: Whether it’s made of foil-faced kraft paper, plastic film, polyethylene bubbles or cardboard, reflective insulation is used to reflect heat from the sun, as opposed to absorbing it. This type of insulation is usually installed in attics because it reduces the radiant heat transferred from the roof to indoor surfaces like floors and ceilings. Radiant barriers are more cost-effective in places with hotter weather, like the Piedmont Triad area.
  4. Spray Foam and Foam-in-Place Insulation-:This is the fun one. Spray foam and foam-in-place insulation is the one of the most effective forms of home insulation because it creates a multi-layer barrier, blocking outside air and noise from entering your home. It’s perfect for new construction walls with electrical and plumbing obstructions and even forms around existing insulation. Foam-in-place insulation has the same benefits and is injected, sprayed or poured into existing walls. 

While there’s a lot to consider when thinking about your home’s insulation, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Insulation protects your home from a variety of things. If you have questions about gutters or you would like to rely on professionals to do the job for you, call Alamance Insulation and Gutters. We service many areas in North Carolina, including but not limited to Burlington, Greensboro, Elon, Mebane, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. We’re happy to help with all your insulation and gutter needs!