At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we can help you decide what kind of gutter system will best serve your home. To avoid water runoff and drainage that can lead to problems inside and outside your home, make sure you have a quality gutter system.

One of the most popular type of gutter used today are 5 inch aluminum K-style. These gutters are not called K-style because they’re shaped like a “K,” which is a common misconception. They are called “K-style” because in the sheet metal and air conditioning contractors national association (SMACNA), different types of gutters are listed alphabetically. This type is the 11th most popular out of 12 popular gutter types, and the 11th letter is K. Because of their decorative crown molding appearance, K-style gutters are also called ogee gutters.

Fascia gutters are also popularly used; they are typically used on homes where fascia boards have not been installed over rafter tails. The smooth face of the fascia gutters perform the function of the fascia boards, which hides the edge of the rafter tails from view. These are mostly used in the West in the US.

Half round gutters are essentially a half circle. The open half faces the roof, but these gutters do not work very well. The slightest leveling problem or debris in the gutter will cause water over flow, which defeats the purpose of having gutters at all. Because this type of gutter doesn’t have a flat back, the gutter hangers have to be under the gutter to hold it up.

Lastly, European gutters are made from natural weathering metals like copper. These have been used for centuries to create gutters and downspouts. European gutters have a gutter bead that turns to the outside instead of the inside of the gutter.

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