As promised, we’re back with more tips about preventing gutter damage during snowy weather. Keep reading to find out these helpful tips. And stay warm out there, folks!

Reinforce Your Gutters

Reinforcing the gutters is another preventive method to shield them from snow and ice damage. Gutters that sag or hang off the side of the roof are at risk of being damaged during winter. Snow and ice can pack on pounds and weigh down the gutter trough. Gutters that are not securely attached or properly reinforced may separate from the fascias or side of the house. In cases of severe ice damming or build up, they may break and fall from the roof. This creates a potential for roof or wall damage or injury to anyone below at the time.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards or gutter protection strengthens and reinforces gutter systems. They help to optimize gutter functions by preventing debris from getting trapped and clogging the system. The physical barrier offered by certain types of gutter guards that work help the gutters to last longer, reduce the need for maintenance, and keep snow and ice out.

Insulate and Ventilate Your Roof and Attic

A well-insulated roof and attic can make a huge difference in preventing gutter and roof damage from snow and ice. Insulation keeps heat from flowing upwards to the roof. Ice and snow will not have a chance to accumulate and weigh down your roof and gutter system.

Properly circulating air in the attic will ensure that the roof is uniformly subject to varying temperatures and conditions.  A proper attic ventilation system also keeps the roof cool and will help prevent uneven melting of snow and ice and protect against ice dams.

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