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Insulating the living areas of your home is an essential part of the construction process. Insulation helps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather outside happens to be. When it comes to attics, many homeowners question if they need to also insulate this area, since it’s typically isn’t visited very often. The answer to this question is yes!

When building a home, attic insulation sometimes gets skipped to cut down on costs. However, this is a big mistake for homeowners. Insulating your attic comes with multiple benefits.

First, insulating your attic helps to regulate the temperature of your entire home. Although, most homeowners don’t spend much time in their attic, the temperature of the attic still affects the areas of the home that are used more often. Think of your attic like a hat on your head during cold weather: Even if your lower body is covered in a thick jacket, gloves, and thick pants, if your head is bare, precious heat is escaping your body. In the same way, no matter how warm you keep the lower part of your home, if your attic is not insulated, you are letting warm air escape– making your home harder and more expensive to heat.

Aside from your own comfort, as well as your home’s energy costs, an insulated attic also helps to protect any items that you store in your attic. Without insulation, the temperature of your attic can reach extreme highs and lows, and this fluctuation in temperature can warp and damage wooden furniture, precious photos, and important paper documents.

When it comes to the question of insulating your attic, the answer is always yes. If you are looking for attic insulation or any other insulation or gutter services in Greensboro, NC and High Point, NC, give us a call at Alamance Insulation.