We know, we know. It’s only just starting to feel like fall weather here in central North Carolina. But you should still be preparing your home for cold weather that will inevitably happen soon. Weatherizing can include adding insulation to your home, which can provide more comfort during cold months (and it will save you money on that high heating bill too). At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we’re a leader in the insulation and home performance industries. Serving customers throughout North Carolina, from Greensboro, Burlington, Elon and Mebane to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, we can help with all your insulation needs, whether that’s installing new insulation or repairing your existing insulation.

Here are a few tips to make your home more comfortable for winter:

  1. Maintain your furnace and HVAC system. Change your HVAC filters monthly, especially when the heat is on regularly during cold months. This will help with air quality but also your system will run more efficiently this way. Make sure to clear things in front of vents to maximize air flow.
  2. Assess your heating zones. Which rooms do you hang out in most? Remember that all your heating and cooling zones don’t have to be set equally. Lower your heat in rooms you don’t spend time in, and shut doors to help keep heat in where you need it.
  3. Add lighting to your home. Make your home brighter, which will increase heat flow.
  4. Swap out light curtains for heavier ones. If your windows are drafty, invest in some thicker shades or curtains to keep the cold out and the heat in.
  5. Seal your doorways. Add foam weatherstripping around the inside of your door to create a seal. This will prevent a lot of air exchange that happens naturally at the bottom of doors.
  6. Add a layer of insulation over your windows and doors. If you have doors that are not insulated, adding plastic sheeting will improve the R-value and keep the cold out more effectively. For panes that are already insulated, don’t forget to re-glaze them.
  7. Change out the screen in your storm doors. Switching out the screen for a solid glass pane will help with drafts and cold air.
  8. Insulate your attic. We know this is a more expensive tip, but if possible, insulating your attic will help with keeping warmth where you want it in your home.
If these tips sound confusing, we get it. We always recommend hiring a professional when it comes to your insulation needs, and we’re happy to help if your home is in or around Greensboro, High Point, or Burlington, NC. Contact Alamance Insulation and Gutters today to get started!