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Most homes in the US today utilize K-style gutters because they are very effective and attractive as well. That being said, more homeowners are now beginning to find the benefits of half-round gutters. So what are the differences between the two? Which gutters will work best for your home?

First, K-style gutters are so popular because they’ve been designed to fit more modern homes. They’re flat on the side that attaches to the home, which means they can be installed directly to the fascia. This means they’ll use fewer brackets and accessories. They come in both traditional and seamless styles, and in various lengths and sizes too. They’re more popular than other gutter styles because they work with angular roof designs which have become more popular in the US recently.

Half-round gutters fit homes built before the 1950s better, because these homes traditionally have more rounded features. When homeowners restore older homes, typically they want to maintain the original look and design while adding new features to protect the structure of their home. Hence why half-round gutters have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This type of gutter is different in style from a K-style gutter because they don’t have a flat side. Rather, they look like a tube that has been cut in half because they have a symmetrical U-shape. This shape complements rounded architectures. Half-round gutters can provide a different kind of aesthetic appeal even on modern homes, and some believe they even function better than K-style gutters.

Your decision between half-round gutters and K-style gutters really comes down to your preference. Half-round gutters will be more effective in locations where significant winter precipitation will likely happen, and for homes and buildings with a more rounded architectural style. For homes with heavily textured materials like shake, slate, or tile on the exterior, half-round gutters will work better too.

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