As promised, we’re back with the final few steps of how to attach a gutter system to your shed. Gutter systems are much needed on all structures to keep your home and property safe.

Adjust the string line again to establish your gutter’s downward pitch. Guttering should slope down toward its downspout at least 1 cm per 3.5 m of length (or ¼ inch per 10 feet). Measure the length of your string line from nail to nail. If the distance is less than 3.5 m long (or 10 ft), raise the far side nail by 1 cm or lower the downspout side nail by 1 cm (or ¼ inch).

  • Raise/lower the nails by 1.5 cm if the shed is less than 5 m long (or ⅜ inch if less than 15 ft), or by 2 cm if it is less than 7 m long (or ½ inch if less than 20 ft).
  • The slope should be 1/8th of a degree from the end that doesn’t have the downside to the end that does.

Mark this slope on the fascia board. The guttering will be held in place by support brackets that you’ll screw into the fascia board. To locate where you’ll place these brackets, mark the string’s position on the fascia board at each end and at intervals no more than 1 m (roughly 3 ft) apart. Then you can remove the nails and string.

  • If you’d like to be able to visualize the entire slope while working, you can remove the string, then use a chalk line tool to unspool its string from nail to nail and snap a line of chalk on the fascia board between them.

Create angled blocks if your fascia board is angled inward or outward. If your fascia board isn’t perpendicular to the ground, hold a bar/spirit level vertically against it. Then pull one end of the level away until the levelling bubble is centered, and measure the gap between the level and fascia board. Transfer these measurements to scraps of lumber and cut them carefully with a saw to recreate the angle.

  • If the fascia is only slightly angled, you can use wooden or plastic shims (thin, pre-cut wedges) instead of cutting lumber scraps.

Attach the blocks you just cut to the fascia board. Hold the blocks up to the fascia board and check that you now have a level surface for the brackets. Locate each block where you intend to attach a bracket. Then, drill pilot holes in the blocks and attach them to the fascia with 25 mm (1 inch) wood screws.

  • Attaching angled blocks will keep your guttering parallel to the ground, instead of dipping toward or away from the shed. In either of those scenarios, water will pour over the side of the gutter, rendering it much less useful.

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