Need to attach a gutter system to your shed? Great idea! From WikiHow, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you add a much-needed gutter system to your shed:

Attaching a gutter and downspout system to your shed can prevent muddy ground around its base and prevent its walls from rotting prematurely. For structures like garden sheds, easy-to-cut and snap-in-place PVC guttering is an ideal choice. However, if you choose to install gutters made of aluminum or similar metals, the process is very similar. You need to establish the proper slope, attach support brackets, secure the guttering, and add a downspout that will eject the water runoff away from the shed structure.

Check the slope of the ground your shed sits on. Unless your gutters are draining into an established drain system or a rain barrel, you want your downspout to drain onto ground that slopes away from the shed. Determine the low side of the ground surrounding your shed and plan to install the downspout there.

  • If this isn’t possible for some reason, plan to extend the bottom of your downspout away from the shed at least 1 meter (and ideally more than that) to keep water from collecting at the base of your structure.

Tap a nail into each end of your shed’s fascia board. On the side of the roofline where you’ll be installing the gutter, tack two nails into the fascia board that runs below the lip of the roof. Put one nail at each end of that side of the shed, an equal distance below the roof lip (ideally, about 3-5 cm or 1-2 inches if your fascia board is wide enough).

Connect the two nails with a taut string. Tie a sturdy string to one of the nails, pull it tight, and tie it off to the other nail. You’ll use this string line to determine how level your shed’s roofline is, and adjust it to establish the slope for your guttering.

Adjust your string line to make it level. Use a bar level (spirit level) to check the level of your string line. In the likely event that it isn’t completely level, remove one of the nails and reposition it up or down until the string is level.

Make sure to check back soon for part 2 of this how-to series!

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