Why is it important to clean your gutters? At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we know how important it is to maintain your gutters to protect your home. Serving customers throughout North Carolina, from Greensboro, Burlington, Elon and Mebane to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, Alamance provides over 20 years of experience in the insulation and home performance industries.

Neglecting your gutters can be catastrophic. Just a few inches of rain falling from the roof of your home can create several thousand gallons of water runoff, which can seep into your home and create moisture problems such as mold and rot. Moisture in homes creates problems with air quality and may also affect the sturdiness of your home. To prevent this from happening, you should direct the runoff away from the foundation of the building.

This is why it is important to include a system of gutters and downspouts in the plan of your new home and why it’s important to clean your existing gutters. Once you’ve installed a gutter system, it is equally important to clean it regularly. Typically, gutter systems are made up of two parts. The first is a gutter channel that runs along the roof to collect runoff. The second is the downspout that carries the water down.

While cleaning your gutters is not a difficult task, it can be a time-consuming one, which is why some prefer to hire professionals to clean their gutters. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, and professionals typically recommend cleaning your gutters once in the spring and once in the fall. Depending on the types of trees close to your home, you may find that you should clean your gutters more often than twice a year.

If you choose to tackle the task of cleaning your own gutters, there are many useful resources online that provide tips and tricks. At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we are happy to answer questions you have about cleaning or installing your gutters. We are also more than happy to clean your gutters for you! Contact us today to determine what’s best for your home.