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We’ve had a wet summer so far in eastern NC, and you might ave noticed that some of your insulation is black. You might have noticed this in your attic or maybe around your basement, but what does this mean? Does it mean your insulation is moldy? Or wet? Black insulation tells you that air is leaking from your house, and it’s a good thing you’ve noticed it. Typically, if you have an air leak between your house and your attic, it is likely due to a pipe or an electrical wire that runs through your walls into the attic, and it’s just not sealed properly. 

If your insulation is fiberglass, it will turn a different color as it filters the air that’s leaking from your house. Insulation turns black because the air leak carries dust and other moisture, which changes the color of the fiberglass. Wherever you see black on your insulation, try to find the air leak. To fix the leak, you can use caulk or canned foam to fill in the holes. However, if it’s a big hole, your solution might be a bit more complicated. You may have to cut a piece of drywall or sheet-metal so that you can cover the entirety of the hole. Then, use caulk or foam to make sure the hole is totally sealed and airtight.

When you think about all the holes in your home, you can consider the amount of air that might be escaping. Weatherization specialists should tackle these issues first whenever they’re evaluating your home. Even though air leaks are pretty easy to fix, they can improve your quality of life pretty drastically.

If you find that your insulation is black, don’t panic! Instead, make your home more energy efficient by pulling back the insulation and filling the hole where air is leaking through.

At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we highly recommend relying on a professional to fill any air leaks you may have in your home. We will be more than happy to take a look at your insulation and let you know what needs to be repaired or replaced altogether. We can ensure that we’ll follow all codes when filling your air leaks. You won’t regret working with us! Contact us today