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Many homeowners have wondered if gutters are necessary. Are they just another thing to buy when you buy or build a new home? Some roofers advise against gutters, but we firmly believe that every house and building needs a solid gutter system.

Rain gutters are a controversial type of gutter. Typically, they’re not required by law on a sloping roof, and many new homes these days do not include rain gutters, even if they would be beneficial. Rain gutters are specifically designed to reduce erosion by guiding water to a drain or safe area. Gutters may overflow, since they have a limited capacity. But they still effectively remove a large volume of water if installed correctly.

So when are gutters necessary, then? Some instances include:

  • If your home is built on or near red clay: red clay can be very difficult to work with, and once water makes its way into the foundation of your house, the clay serves as a pipeline to continue delivering water to the same spot. If you use gutters with a drainpipe, you can direct water safely away from your home to avoid dealing with clay.
  • If the surrounding landscape slopes upwards: when your home is at the bottom of a slope, water will pool along the foundation. This happens above ground and below. Using gutters will help to redirect the water away from your home.
  • If your house has little or no overhang: if your roof is close to your home, it is probably letting water come within a foot of your foundation. This creates many problems, because once rainwater is close to the foundation, it causes extensive damage over time.

When are gutters optional? Sometimes, the properly you live on may perform what rain gutters are meant to do. You probably don’t need gutters if the landscaping around your home slopes downwards, or if your home is surrounded by concrete. If you don’t get much rainfall each year, you may not need gutters either. And finally, if your roof has a long overhang which lets water run off at a safe distance away from your home, you might not need gutters.

At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we think it is better to be safe than sorry, but we’re happy to help you decide if you need to install gutters on your new home. Call us today!