Did you know that rain can fall as fast as 20 miles per hour? Large amounts of rain can also be an issue for your home. Too much and you can easily have flooding, which can overwhelm the drainage systems. Fortunately, our homes have something that protects us from rainfall – the gutters. Ultimately, their job is to divert water off the roof and away from the house. If anything, they are a vital part of the roofing system. As such, it only makes sense that you’d want to maintain the gutters on a regular basis. In fact, everyone should be doing summer gutter maintenance. Here’s why:
  1. Debris Tends to Accumulate. It’s not uncommon for rain gutters to get clogged with sticks, leaves, or other debris. Too much gunk and it can lead to a leaky roof. Considering this, you always want to make sure that it’s free of debris. The last thing that you want is to have it filled with remnants of last fall.
  2. It’s a Good Time to Remove Nests. Some birds like to build their nests in gutters.  This can be quite a serious issue as they can cause blockages, which would lead to drainage issues, among other problems. Fortunately, most of them would have left their nests by the summer months—this makes them much easier to remove.
  3. Prepare Yourself for Summer Storms. Rainstorms are fairly common during the summer. Not only do they bring large amounts of rain, but they’re often accompanied by high winds. These winds can easily blow debris such as leaves or sticks onto your gutter. Cleaning them out before that would help to prevent blockages that can otherwise damage your home.
  4. It’s Easier to Install New Equipment. The summer months tend to be dryer compared to the other parts of the year. In other words, it’s a great time to install new downspouts or gutters. Want to prevent fall leaves from accumulating in the gutter? If so, you might want to consider installing some gutter covers.
  5. It Will Protect Your Roof. With proper gutter maintenance, you’ll not only be equipped to handle the rain, but you’ll also be protecting your roof as well. When the gutter is backed up, water can easily leak through and damage your roof shingles. By keeping them clean, you won’t have to worry about this problem.
  6. It Allows You to Check for Damage. It will be easier to look for damage once you’ve cleaned off the gutter. For instance, you may notice areas that have holes or are rusted. Make a note of the issues and ensure that you get them fixed before the fall.

Stay on top of summer gutter maintenance! Why wouldn’t you want to protect the integrity of your home? If you live near Greensboro, High Point, or Burlington, North Carolina, call Alamance Insulation and Gutters today. We will clean and help you maintain your gutters!