Located in Burlington, NC, Alamance Insulation has been proudly serving the Triad area for over 20 years. We provide quality gutters and insulation for our clients across central North Carolina, including Greensboro, Burlington, Mebane, Hillsborough, and High Point, NC. Whether you need installation or repairs done, we offer a variety of gutter, insulation, and moisture barrier services that will ensure the safety of your home and the comfort of your loved ones.

As insulation and gutter professionals, we at Alamance Insulation are proud to provide a wide array of insulation services. What many people don’t know is that there are a number of types of insulation. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert on these, because we are! As insulation specialists, we can assess your needs and determine which type of insulation works best for your space.

Two common types of insulation are spray foam insulation and blown insulation. These vary by the way they are installed, as well as the types of materials used for the insulation. Depending on your budget and your insulation needs, we will can help you decide which is the best insulation option for you.

Each type of insulation is available in a variety of materials, which can vary in cost and durability. Blown insulation is commonly installed using either fiberglass or cellulose. Spray insulation is made from a polyurethane foam that expands and fills in space up to 100 times its size. Spray foam insulation is more expensive than blown insulation but also more durable and adaptable.

For all of your insulation and gutter needs in the Triad area, give us a call at Alamance Insulation, proudly serving High Point and Greensboro, NC.