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Moisture barriers are incredibly important, as they aim to keep water in all forms out of your home. But vapor barriers also let water out of your home if it gets in your home in the first place. It’s important to remember that water can come in your home in several different ways: as a liquid, a solid, a vapor, and adsorbed (not to be confused with absorbed).

In the liquid form, water comes into your house from rain and ground water. You must drain water out of your home if it gets in, or else mold will grow in your home and cause damage. The solid form of water can affect your home in the form of snow or ice. If water is not already solid when it enters your home, don’t let it get solid. If it does, though, give it space to thaw. Water in the form of vapor is hard to control, but sometimes the best strategies to keep water vapor out also trap water vapor inside.

Climate has a great affect on water vapor and moisture barriers in your home. Vapor barriers slow the migration of water vapor in your home. It is easy to confuse vapor barriers and air barriers, because air usually holds a lot of moisture in the vapor form. So when air moves from location to location because of an air pressure difference, the vapor moves with it. Technically, air barriers are also vapor barriers when they control the movement of air with moisture in it.

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