At Alamance Insulation and Gutters, we know how important gutter systems are. Gutters keep out regular debris and help with water flow, which is especially important to protect your home from water damage or mold. When you are building a home or updating your gutters, it’s important to consider which type of gutter system will work best for you. Two basic types of gutters, sectional or seamless, are commonly chosen gutter systems. But what’s the difference between them?

Sectional gutters are popular for people who want to install their gutters by themselves. They come in small sections, and you fit the sections together to form a large section of gutter. Usually, they’re made of vinyl, aluminum, or steel. Non-steel gutters are typically a better choice since they won’t rust.

One downside to sectional gutters is that there’s more potential for leaks and points of failure. Leaks can happen even if sectional gutters are professionally installed. If one section of your gutter system becomes blocked, your water overflow will be dramatic and can cause major damage. Or, it is possible that entire sections can collapse under the weight of gallons of rainwater that can’t escape.

On the other hand, seamless gutters are another popular option. “Sheet metal,” “continuous,” or “soldered” gutters are other names for seamless gutters. They have no potential for leaks or points of failure, because seamless gutters are made from a single coil of aluminum. That aluminum has been treated and coated to prevent rot and erosion. Seamless gutters need to be installed by a professional.

Another great benefit of seamless gutters is that they’re easy to install (by a professional). Seamless gutters cost around the same to have fitted as good sectional gutters, so you’ll get a much better product for around the same cost. Seamless gutters also increase the overall value of your home, while they also reduce your risk of internal water damage, mold, and rot.

So, which should you choose? The long-term performance and the durability of seamless gutters is an investment worthwhile. You’ll pay more for seamless gutters, but they’ll last you longer. If you are on a tight budget, however, sectional gutters will work just fine. If you are able to install sectional gutters on your own, and you’re willing to do regular maintenance, sectional gutters will work well. If you do not want to install your own gutters, though, make sure to hire an experienced company to get the job done right.

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